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Si disfrutaste con nosotros, fue una hermosa noche de amor y apoyo, en una excelente cena con amigos y maravillosos artistas internacionales.
Animador: Jorge Hevia
Show: Americo

Sponsor a Child

“Este programa holístico se ofrece de forma totalmente gratuita a estos jóvenes valientes (de Chile y de toda América Latina). Hay muchos casos extremos cuyas quemaduras pueden causar no solo desfiguración física y trauma, sino también una carga emocional y ostracismo a medida que entran en la sociedad. Dicho esto, es totalmente humillante observar el optimismo individual de estos increíbles niños mientras enfrentan sus desafíos diarios “.

Mark and Nancy Wilson

Sponsor a Child

Una de las formas más significativas de apoyar el trabajo de COANIQUEM es patrocinar el tratamiento de uno de los pacientes jóvenes de COANIQUEM.


Cuando compra en AmazonSmile, Amazon dona el 0.5% del precio de compra a la Fundación de Ayuda para Niños Coaniquem Burn Center. Marca el enlace y apóyanos cada vez que compres.



Disfruta con nosotros, una hermosa noche de amor y apoyo, en una excelente cena con amigos y maravillosos artistas internacionales.


Nuestra  Historia

COANIQUEM Burned Children Foundation apoya el cuidado y la rehabilitación de niños con quemaduras graves en las Américas. Tres instalaciones en Chile, con sede en Santiago, brindan estos servicios. Un programa de prevención importante ha reducido el número de quemaduras en los últimos 30 años. COANIQUEM también tiene asociaciones extensas con centros de tratamiento de quemaduras, compartiendo técnicas y conocimientos.


Su nombre es Lily Cabrera. Lleva 20 años trabajando en COANIQUEM a cargo de los registros médicos de la paciente. A través de su perseverancia, dignidad y resiliencia, Lily ha sido un gran ejemplo de motivación para los niños quemados, ayudándolos a superar la adversidad.

Coaniquem Miami Gala 2018

Show: Americo

who we are

COANIQUEM  Burned Children Foundation.

A Brief History

Over 30 years ago, as a young resident doctor working in Chile, I was heartbroken when I encountered for the first time a young patient that had been severely burned. Because this young girl came from a very poor family, the prognosis for her rehabilitation was grim. My colleagues at the hospital bluntly told me that there was “no hope for someone like her.” The resources needed for her long-term healing were simply non-existent.

I decided I wouldn’t take “No” for an answer and set out instead to find a way to treat this child no matter what it would take. This was no easy undertaking. Burned children are extremely complicated cases because in youths, scar tissue doesn’t grow in the same manner as normal skin. And for severe cases, rehabilitation can take up to 15 years. Despite the complexity of the task, I found that with the implementation of innovative strategies, I was able to treat my first burned child patient successfully.

After this first small victory, I could tell a small shift had taken place inside me. This single event propelled me on a lifelong journey for the rehabilitation of burned children. I found myself wholly driven by a dream many still described as “impossible.” I had a purpose.

My vision was to create a non-profit organization, dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation of burned children, offering holistic treatments that involved plastic surgery, physical and psychological therapy—free of charge. I believed in this mission because in my heart I knew people would come together around the cause of helping these children. And I was right.

Today, I’m happy to share with you that our foundation, COANIQUEM, has treated over 100,000 children in South American countries and the Caribbean Islands, thanks to the generous support of our community of donors.
There’s more, though. As you know, knowledge is power, so in order to expand our impact we created an innovative, comprehensive
e-learning program for medical professionals. In addition, we’re releasing year-round prevention and educational campaigns for the general public. And this is only the beginning.

The rehabilitation of burned children is an urgent, global problem and our goal is to continue growing so we can touch more lives.

I urge you to discover more about COANIQUEM and invite you to imagine how you could impact the life of a burned child. As you now understand, this is not for everyone. Because this is such a unique problem, it takes a special type of person to help a burned child.

Helping burned children changed my life forever and for the better. If you’re curious and would like to make a difference, please join us because I promise, it will change your life as well.

In friendship,

Dr. Jorge Rojas-Zegers, MD

Our Facilities

In Chile:

COANIQUEM currently operates three rehabilitation centers in Chile — One is in the Capital, Santiago, and the others are located 1,000 km north and south, in the cities Antofagasta and Puerto Montt. More than 150 professionals staff the facilities, including pediatricians, dermatologists, physiatrists, plastic surgeons, psychologists, physical, musical and occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, teachers and technicians. The staff is supplemented by hundreds of volunteers.

Outreach In Latin America: 209 children from Latin American countries treated in 35 years.

COANIQUEM is a registered charitable organization in the United States with the mission to support the rehabilitation of burned children throughout the Americas.




29 Palm Beach Lane
Alameda CA 94502